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Support research on vulnerable ragged-tooth sharks

Ragged-tooth sharks, Carcharias taurus, are listed as Vulnerable on the ICUN Red List indicating they face a high risk of extinction in the medium-term future. However existing regulations protecting this species from diver disturbance and sport fishing are paltry and require further development to be effective.

Sharklife is conducting a 3 year study which aims to identify key congregation areas and movement patterns of pregnant ragged-tooth sharks in South Africa. Understanding these factors is crucial to protecting important congregation sites and migratory corridors.


Your adoption donation goes directly to fund much needed research equipment. see fundraisers


Photo-identification pictures of all individuals present at survey sites are taken daily. The photos are input into a computer-aided photo-identification application (I3s) that relies on natural marks to identify individual animals. I3s helps the researcher to extract the spot pattern and then compare the pattern against all sharks in the database showing any re-sightings of the same individual over time.  

How to Adopt: 

Please choose from one of the sharks below and specify her name on the Donation Form. Adoptions are on a first come first serve basis. $50 per shark. 

The mamma's up for adoption are from the 2018/2019 breeding season, one or more of these sharks can potentially return in the 2020/2021 season making it a great time to adopt! 

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