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Snaggletooth Shark

It is always exciting to watch the footage collected from the Sharklife BRUVs (baited remote underwater video systems), however, it is made all that more exciting when the unknown appears. In November 2020, while watching some footage, Sharklife researchers came across a shark that they could not identify. Hoping for some help, the image was sent off to the Kwa-Zulu-Natal Sharks Board and within a few hours, we had a species name.

ragged-tooth shark pup

For years Sharklife has studied the Spotted Ragged tooth shark, Carcharias taurus during their annual breeding migration to the iSimangaliso Wetland park. For these sharks, survival of the fittest starts early in the embryonic stages of development.

African Wedgefish

Is this a sand shark, guitar shark or giant guitar shark? Its not even a shark really, its a whitespotted wedgefish! The lack of research on many marine species gives way for common names to run rife leaving everyone a bit confused. 

Honeycomb Whipray

It is no surprise that people often misidentify these three species of whipray, all of which can be found along the east coast of South Africa. Available information can be unclear and contradictory due to a lack of comprehensive research on the different species.









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