Why Conserve Sharks?


Maintaining the Balance

The role of the “apex” or top predator in an ecosystem can not be underestimated. The depletion or removal of sharks is likely to destabilize marine ecosystems and effect prey species in ways that cannot currently be predicted.

maintaining balance


Maintaining Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms and is critical to ecosystem health. Sharks play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity through influences on prey behavior and abundance. 



Maintaining Genetic Fitness

Predators by nature target the 'easiest to catch' prey specimens. This invariably results in sick and weaker fish being caught first. Through this process the weaker genes are removed from the pool. 

genetic fitness


Sharks are Vulnerable

Sharks are typically slow growing creatures with low reproductive capacities. This means that high levels of unnatural mortalities can quickly push shark populations to the brink of collapse and ultimately extinction.


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