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Through its post-graduate program, Sharklife aims to augment its research goals by connecting with a global network of upcoming scientists. Projects are conservation-focused, designed to fill knowledge gaps and inform management policies. The program is suited to MSc-level students looking to write their thesis or internship report on an elasmobranch project and is a great opportunity to gain legitimate field experience in the processYou will have the full support of our experienced team to conduct the fieldwork and we can assist in finding a local co-supervisor/specialist if needed.

We understand that degrees vary widely around the globe and that each university has different requirements for its students, we are happy to discuss these requirements and meet them if possible. 




Projects fall under the broader scope of the Sharklife Elasmobranch Assessment Study (see the full outline here), there are numerous studies for development, so depending on your area of interest a project topic can be outlined and available data assessed. 

 Current Projects: 

 Working Title: Student Name:  Level: Institution: Primary Method: 
Investigating the influence of abiotic parameters on sightings of
Carcharhinus humani in the Sodwana Diving Restricted Zone. (COMPLETED)
 Nico Booyens Honors  UKZN Mono Bruvs

Elasmobranch species abundance and diversity

(iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Area 1)

Laylaa Sampaio MSc/Thesis UKZN Stereo Bruvs

Influence of habitat and depth in elasmobranch communities 

(iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Area 2)

Jessica Ferrera MSc/Thesis Univ. Aveiro Stereo Bruvs

Movement and Distribution patterns of ragged-tooth sharks

(iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

Sara Cerqueira MSc/Thesis Univ. Aveiro UVC/Stereo DOV

To describe the ecology and population dynamics of non-nesting sea turtles.

(iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

Natalie Dos Santos MSc/Thesis NMU UVC/RUV

Sightings and population dynamics of manta rays

(iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

Michelle Carpenter PhD UCT UVC/RUV

Abundance and Diversity of elasmobranchs (COMPLETED)

(iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Area 2, Winter Season) 

Julie Alberts MSc/Thesis Univ. Miami Stereo Bruvs

Abundance and Diversity of elasmobranchs 

(iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Area 3, Winter Season)

Sara Head MSc/Internship Report  NE Univ. Boston Stereo Bruvs

Demography of Galeocerdo cuvier (tiger shark) and the influence of
environmental factors affecting distribution patterns using Baited Remote
Underwater Video surveys (BRUVs)

D’Asia Hill MSc/Thesis Univ. Miami Stereo Bruvs

Abundance and population structure of stingrays - myliobatiformes

(iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

Silvia Leva MSc/Internship Report  Univ. Millano Stereo Bruvs
Describe spatial distribution of elasmobranches in the iSimangaliso Wetland
Park using Baited Remote Underwater Video surveys (BRUVs)
Henry Garber MSc/Thesis Univ. Edinburgh Stereo Bruvs
Seasonal comparison (winter vs summer) of abundance and diversity of
elasmobranchs (Area 4)
Carlo Gargioni MSc/Thesis   Stereo Bruvs
New Projects:
Currently, we are looking for three students to begin working on the following project titles, however, many more areas need development. If you have a particular area of interest or skill set please contact us to discuss it in further detail.
 Working Title: Student Name:  Level: Institution: Primary Method: 

Elasmobranch species abundance and diversity. 

Deploying 50 stereo bruvs across a 15km area 15-30m depth range (iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Area 5)Using mid-water BRUVs to assess pelagic fish assemblages

TBC TBC TBC Stereo Bruvs
Using mid-water BRUVs to assess pelagic fish assemblages TBC TBC TBC Stereo Bruvs
Influence of teleost abundance on the distributions and abundance of sharks in
iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa
TBC TBC TBC Stereo Bruvs

Program Dates: 

Depending on your project and data collection requirements you will need between 3 - 6 months. 

CALENDAR 08.08.2023 4 5 6months



As with many training and experience-building programs, there are costs involved. This program is aimed at early career marine biologists looking not just for an internship or training program, but rather for the opportunity to produce a scientific report or thesis that they can use to kickstart their careers and get ahead of many other applicants in the field. 

3 Month - $3995 USD ($332 p/w)

4 Month - $5295 USD ($330 p/w)

5 Month - $6595 USD ($330 p/w)

6 Month - $5995 USD ($250 p/w)



  • Airport transfers 
  • Accommodation - Private room
  • Dive gear
  • On-site supervisor and mentor
  • Office and communication expenses
  • Data collection field trips and support
  • Basic research equipment (gopros, bruv stations, temp loggers, current meters, etc)


  • Scuba Courses: (PADI OW $350 or PADI ADV $250) 
  • Flights 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals *
  • Vaccinations 
  • Weekend Activities: These can be scuba diving or field trips

*Meals - The research accommodation has a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals and there are daily trips to the supermarket where you can purchase food.  Alternatively, there is a restaurant on site where you can order lunch and dinner from a large menu. 

Would you like to conduct a project with us? let us know! Give us 24hrs to respond 

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